Mitsunori Hattori

  • Mitsunori Hattori – Injû kyôshi IV aka Angel of Darkness 4 (1996)

    Quote: They said strange things happened around her. They said she was dangerous. They said she was a demon. Now naive little Izumi is about to uncover the truth behind her life of lies…Read More »

  • Mitsunori Hattori – Injû kyôshi aka Angel of Darkness (1995)

    Quote: The first of five completely independent live action erotic horror films based on the hit anime Angel of Darkness, one of the best-selling adult anime titles ever! Angel of Darkness brings together the hottest demon tentacle action and the most stylish erotic horror! Sex, Passion and Demonic Possession! The college students of Shibuya seemed so innocent until a depraved sex demon unleashed the carnal desires of their teachers possessed! Now its writhing tentacles are about to teach them a lesson of desire and ecstasy that they might just not survive!Read More »

  • Mitsunori Hattori – Injû kyôshi III aka Angel of Darkness 3 (1996)

    Quote: After unleashing its fury against the Seika College campers, the Injuu, a sex starved demon tentacle, was seemingly defeated. But having witnessing the devastating aftermath of the Injuu’s appetites, Tadokoro Father is not so convinced this vicious demon is really dead.Read More »

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