Mohammad Reza Aslani

  • Mohammad Reza Aslani – Atash-e Sabz AKA The Green Fire (2008)

    Mohammad Reza Aslani2001-2010DramaEpicIran
    Atash e Sabz (2008)
    Atash e Sabz (2008)

    Based on an ancient story Sang-e Sabor it’s the story of a girl Nardaneh who one day hears a voice telling her that soon she will marry with a dead man. One day she enters a castle and in one of it’s room finds a dead body with a book beside it. She begins to read the book and follows the instructions step by step.Read More »

  • Mohammad Reza Aslani – Shatranj-e baad AKA The Chess Game of the WInd (1976)

    1971-1980DramaIranMohammad Reza Aslani

    Film Notes

    Shatranj-e Baad might be one of the most emblematic films in the history of Iranian cinema, even though its visibility was limited to a disastrous preview at Tehran International Film Festival in 1976. Due to an artistic conflict between Aslani and the festival curator, the projection was sabotaged, its reels were disrupted and projector malfunctioned. The critics walked out during the screening, as did the jury who pulled the film out of the competition. Instantly deemed elitist, the film was refused by all the distributors. Discouraged, the producer didn’t bother sending the film to the international festivals. Read More »

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