Molly Dineen

  • Molly Dineen – Sound Business (1981)

    1981-1990DocumentaryMolly DineenMusicalUnited Kingdom

    Narrated by none other than the mighty Mikey Dread, this original footage from the early 1980’s gives some nice insight into the culture of Sound Systems in the UK.

    To be more precise, we’re introduced to one particular Sound System.

    Meet Coxsone Sound: The UK’s Number One in the Reggae Sound System business during the time of this interesting documentary. As the video opens, we meet them on their way to a Reggae dance in Birmingham where they’re about to play a show.

    After that introduction, Mikey Dread continues to explain just what a Sound System is, and how there is a complete underground network of these sounds.

    Yes, this is 1981 and so that is where today’s UK DUB and Sound system culture is coming from.Read More »

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