Monika Willi

  • Michael Glawogger & Monika Willi – Untitled (2017)

    Michael Glawogger2011-2020AustriaDocumentaryExperimentalMonika Willi

    More than two years after the sudden death of Michael Glawogger in April 2014, film editor Monika Willi realizes a film out of the film footage produced during 4 months and 19 days of shooting in the Balkans, Italy, Northwest and West Africa.

    “The most beautiful film I could imagine is one which would never come to rest,” said Michael Glawogger of this epic, free-floating documentary project—but malaria struck him down during shooting. Monica Willi, his and Haneke’s editor, crafted the final, global vision, made of extraordinary footage.Read More »

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