Monta Bell

  • Monta Bell – Lady of the Night (1925)

    1921-1930ClassicsMonta BellSilentUSA


    Directed by Monta Bell, who deserves to be remembered alongside Von Stroheim and other directorial giants of the era, the picture stars Bell’s favorite actress, Norma Shearer, in a dual role. She plays a

    rich girl, Florence, and a poor girl named Molly, a gangster’s moll.

    Having the same actress play both roles is the brilliant touch. The women, of course, look alike, yet no one in the film notices. In the eyes of the world they’re totally different people. The audience, however, sees them as through the eyes of an omniscient observer — recognizing plainly that these women are, essentially, the same.Read More »

  • Monta Bell – Torrent (1926)

    1921-1930DramaMonta BellSilentUSA

    A young girl and her father are kicked out of their house by a cruel noblewoman, and the girl’s heart is broken when her sweetheart, the noblewoman’s son, won’t go to Paris with them. After becoming an opera star in Paris, the girl returns to her homeland and finds her romance with the nobleman rekindled.Read More »

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