Mrinal Sen

  • Mrinal Sen – Kharij AKA The Case Is Closed (1982)

    The servant boy, a minor, engaged in a middle class family dies mysteriously locked in a kitchen.Read More »

  • Mrinal Sen – Genesis (1986)

    A farmer (Naseeruddin Shah) and a weaver (Om Puri) exchange their products for goods provided by a regular passing trader (M.K. Raina). A woman (Shabana Azmi) arrives, forcing the two men’s desires but also urging them to obtain more recompense from the trader. After a visit to a village fair , the two men become more acquisitive and jealousies break out over the now pregnant woman who simply ups and leaves .As the two men fight each other, the trader’s men attack and enslave the workers again.Read More »

  • Mrinal Sen – And the Show Goes On – Indian Chapter [BFI Century of Cinema: India] (1995)

    Does India have a national cinema? Does it, indeed, require one? Mrinal Sen is not quite sure. Yet, his latest celluloid essay, And the Show Goes On, a British Film Institute-funded tribute to the world’s largest movie industry in cinema’s centenary year, is quite polemically categorical about what India’s filmic output should be.

    But can it ever be what it ideally ought to be? Again, Sen, as is his wont, is not forth coming with a clear answer. His prescription, however, is rather unambiguous: cinema should confront social realities, no matter how harsh; it cannot continue being as cavalierly escapist as it is in India and yet expect to be taken seriously on the global stage. As film director and critic Chidananda Dasgupta says on camera: “India lives too much by myth and too little by fact”. That, for Sen, is where the problem begins. And ends.Read More »

  • Mrinal Sen – Mrigayaa (1977)

    Nothing is common between the two men to ever meet and understand each other; neither the origin of the British administration of imperial time nor the primitive culture of the tribal from the jungle in central India. Nothing is common but the sharing of a common passion: hunting.

    To both of them a big game is a game, a prey is a prey; this is probably why Ghinua, the young hunter and a loving husband, reacts like a terrible “hunter” when the usurer-landlord steals his wife. He slays him as the wild pigs have to be slain when they destroy harvest, or a tiger when he lifts a child. An avenged man, he brings his trophy, the head of the most mischievous game in his area, to the only man who will understand him, the English sahib, the other hunter.Read More »

  • Mrinal Sen – Interview (1970)

    Ranjit is a young man who has been assured a lucrative job in an Indo-British firm by a family friend. All he has to do is turn up for the interview dressed in a western-style suit. As luck would have it, all city laundries are on strike that morning, and his only suit is dirty. The film is a frantic search for a new suit to be borrowed from any of his friends, to make it in time for the interview.Read More »

  • Mrinal Sen – Akaler Sandhane AKA In Search of Famine (1980)

    A movie about making a movie. A young, idealistic director arrives in a village to make a picture set during the Great Bengal Famine. It’s a film that he hopes will reveal the problems and privations still current in rural India.

    National Award 1981 – Golden Lotus (Best Film)
    Berlin Film Festival 1981 – Silver Bear.Read More »

  • Mrinal Sen – Baishey Shravana AKA The Wedding Day (1960)

    The time is immediately before World War II. The place a remote village in Bengal. Priyanath, a middle aged man and the last offspring of a once wealthy family, gets married to a lovely teenage girl to please his widowed mother. Overcoming the initial inhibitions, he starts enjoying the happiness of a normal married life.Read More »

  • Mrinal Sen – Ek Din Pratidin aka And Quiet Rolls the Day (1979)

    Plot synopsis:
    The bread-winning daughter in a middle-class family fails to return from work one evening. The night begins with worries at home, followed by midnight searches and finally a deepening crisis arising out of economic and moral constraints prevalent in the society. Yet the film speaks of hope, of strength hidden behind despair.Read More »

  • Mrinal Sen – Padatik aka The Guerrilla Fighter (1973)

    A political activist escapes the prison van and is sheltered in a posh apartment owned by a sensitive young woman. Both are rebels: the activist against political treachery and the other on social level. Both are bitter about badly organized state of things. Being in solitary confinement, the fugitive engages himself in self-criticism and, in the process, questions the leadership. Questions are not allowed, obeying that is mandatory. Displeasure leads to bitterness, bitterness to total rift. The struggle has to continue, both for the political activist, now segregated, and the woman in exile.Read More »

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