Murray Roth

  • Murray Roth – Harold Teen (1934)

    1931-1940ComedyMurray RothRomanceUSA

    Harold Teen a recent high school graduate, writes a column for the local newspaper. He is in love with Lillums Lovewell, a high school senior. Harold is continually making mistakes to the despair of his editor. After he spends all his money buying a bottle of perfume as a graduation present for Lillums, Harold’s car is repossessed and he is so distracted that he walks by a newsworthy accident without noticing. Then at the prom, Lillums and Harold quarrel about his bad dancing. Harold sends away for correspondence dancing lessons and partially redeems himself with his boss by interviewing Mr. Snatcher, the new head of the bank. Harold takes Lillums canoeing, but makes her angry again, and they upset the canoe. Read More »

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