Robert Siodmak – Pièges AKA Personal Column (1939)

When 11 young Parisian women mysteriously disappear, the police recruit Adrienne Charpentier, the friend of the latest victim, to investigate. The only thing which seems to link the disappearances is that each of the victims replied to a small ad in the newspapers. In answering a number of ads herself, Adrienne meets some suspicious individuals, but they all turn out to be innocent. Then she meets a cabaret performer, Robert Fleury, who instantly falls in love with her. Soon after marrying Fleury, she discovers damning evidence that inculpates him as the murderer of the missing women… Read More »

Sergei Yutkevich – Zdravstvuy, Moskva! AKA Hello Moscow! (1945)

SYNOPSIS: On an amateur arts festival the little boy, accompanying itself on a bayan, sings a song about Moscow … In a basis of a plot of film — the story of director of a vocational school about history of old bayan. Belonged once to the experienced worker who has lost during demonstration of 1905, the instrument has visited many hands before has got to children. Read More »

Börje Larsson – En trallande jänta AKA Miss Swing (1942)

Inger, a parentless country girl of 17, dreams of being a professional singer. Through donations from the commune she gets the opportunity to go to the city for proper singing lessons, and a lot of swing on the sly… Read More »

Busby Berkeley – Babes in Arms (1939)

Mickey Moran (Mickey Rooney) and Patsy Barton (Judy Garland), the children of vaudeville performers, spring into action when their homes and their lives are put in danger. Vaudeville is dead, and the group of performers, led by Mickey’s parents, Joe and Florrie Moran (Charles Winninger and Grace Hayes) who have made comfortable homes on Long Island, now must go back on tour in the sticks to try and scrounge up some money. Naturally, the kids of show biz performers want to help, but they’re shot down by their rigid parents who don’t see any need in updating their tired old acts. Read More »

Andrew L. Stone – Sensations of 1945 (1944)

Plot Synopsis:
Eleanor Powell is an ambitious dancer who decides to teach her publicity agents a thing or two about publicity by running their firm herself. Among the “clients” who perform are W.C. Fields, Cab Calloway, Woody Herman, Sophie Tucker, and, of course, Eleanor Powell. Read More »

Claes Eriksson – Leif (1987) (HD)

“The weapons factory in Rotum is selling weapons illegally,” ‘Leif’ writes in the local newspaper. He must be stopped, even if what he has written happens to be true. Gunnar Volt and some of the other workers at the factory set out to get him. Read More »

Usmar Ismail – Tiga Dara AKA Three Maidens (1956)

Tiga Dara (Indonesian for Three Maidens) is a 1956 Indonesian musical comedy film starring Chitra Dewi, Mieke Wijaya, and Indriati Iskak. Directed by Usmar Ismail for Perfini, the film follows three sisters who live with their father and grandmother. When the eldest sister, Nunung, shows no interest in marrying, her family tries to find a husband for her. Read More »