Mustafa Altioklar

  • Mustafa Altioklar – Asansör AKA Elevator (1999)

    1991-2000DramaMustafa AltioklarTurkey

    The images reflected on the screen come from a camera that Namik is carrying, a camera that is forgotten. The young man running in a hospital corridor is looking for his wife, Nurcan, who is a nurse. He finds her and takes the trigger of his gun. And then he decides on his own life and all this is recorded in the camera. Can goes to an address he never met to meet a woman he met on the internet and would see for the first time in the physical environment. The apartment is an old, renovated and abandoned look. Can is in the elevator. When the 4th floor comes, the elevator stops. As the interior doors slammer and make noise, the cabin falls half a meter down. When you are shouting in the panic, the door to the apartment opposite the cabin opens. A woman is seen. From this moment on, the 4-day slavery in Can’s cabin begins.Read More »

  • Mustafa Altioklar – Banyo AKA The Bathroom (2005)

    2001-2010CrimeEroticaMustafa AltioklarTurkey


    Summary: What happens when the camera rolls in the bathrooms of three couples, the most private place imaginable? In Mustafa Altıoklar’s movie, three couple’s most intimate ups and downs of their relationships are laid bare.Read More »

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