Muzaffer Özdemir

  • Muzaffer Özdemir – Yurt aka Home (2011)

    Drama2011-2020Muzaffer ÖzdemirTurkey


    The first feature to be written and directed by actor Muzaffer Ozdemir, best known for his
    roles in Nuri Bilge Ceylan’s The Small Town, Clouds Of May and Distant (for which he won
    the Cannes Best Actor Award) Home (Yurt) is a beautifully composed meditation on
    memories and a changing world. Dogan, a pessimistic and neurotic architect, longing for his
    homeland, revisits the countryside of his childhood for the first time in many years. His
    search for the familiar, however, is an elusive one and in this modern technological age he
    quickly discovers that time which once stood still is now fleeting, and that the tranquillity of
    familiar landscapes is fading. Poetic and resonant, Home (Yurt) is a serene depiction of one
    man’s journey to find his own sense of peace amidst the conflict between nature and the
    ever intrusive modern age.Read More »

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