Nakaba Ueda

  • Nakaba Ueda – Jûnen ai aka 10 Years Love (2008)

    2001-2010DramaEroticaJapanNakaba Ueda


    Plot / Synopsis

    17-year-old soccer team manager roots hard for her high school crush Hiroya Takagi to score the winning goal in the prefectural conference semi-final, but he makes a crucial mistake during a penalty kick and loses the game. Mari feels bad for Hiroya, who’s quickly labeled a loser by the rest of the school, and decides to give her virginity away to him even though she knows he doesn’t love her back.

    Hiroya leaves town before graduating, and Mari decides to search for him. Following his trail, she winds up taking a hostess job in the red light district of Shinjuki, which eventually leads her into prostitution. After giving up everything for love, will Mari ever be reunited with Hiroya?Read More »

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