Nana Dzhordzhadze

  • Nana Dzhordzhadze – 27 Missing Kisses (2000)

    Nana Dzhordzhadze1991-2000ComedyGeorgiaRomance

    A young woman’s passion has a remarkable effect on a Russian village in this comedy-drama with fantasy elements. Sybill (Nino Kuchanidze) is a teenager who is sent to a small town in the country to spend the summer with her aunt. Despite her tender age, Sybill is ripe and sexually aware, and while the initial object of her attention is Alexander (Eugenji Sidichin), a widower in his early 40s, she instead pairs up with Mickey (Shalva Iashvili), Alexander’s teenage son. Mickey quickly becomes infatuated with Sybill and is more than happy to indulge her fondness for outdoor lovemaking. Between Sybill’s carefree, youthful sensuality and the appearance of Emmanuelle at the local movie house, suddenly love and lust are in bloom all over town.Read More »

  • Nana Dzhordzhadze – Robinzoniada, anu chemi ingliseli Papa AKA Robinsoda, or My English Grandfather (1987)

    1981-1990ArthouseComedyGeorgiaNana Dzhordzhadze

    Georgia started the 20th century. In a remote village Guria appeared servant British
    Telegraph Hughes. He regularly goes around telephone poles, boxing, stands up for the
    honor of women and their homeland. And then, as befit a real man, falls in love with the
    prettiest girl of the village, becoming an enemy of her brother, a Bolshevik. Love inspires
    the Englishman to a voluntary exile to a telegraph pole, three meters around which
    bought the British government. On these meters, and he will live in expectation of love
    and, as will be later, his absurd death …Read More »

  • Nana Dzhordzhadze – Shekvarebuli kulinaris ataserti retsepti aka A Chef in Love aka 1001 retsept iz menyu vlyublyonnogo povara aka Les mille et une recettes du cuisinier amoureux (1996)

    1991-2000ComedyDramaGeorgiaNana Dzhordzhadze

    A comically accented historical drama with culinary appeal, this film introduces us to Pascal Ichac (Pierre Richard), a French chef with a nose so sensitive that he can decipher the ingredients in a sauce with a single sniff. A true renaissance man, Pascal is a genius in the kitchen and a trained operatic vocalist and former gigolo. When he decides that he’s beginning to tire of his surroundings in France, he heads for Russia to find new challenges and tastes in Georgia. En route to the Georgian capitol of Tbilisi, Pascal meets Cecilia Abachidze (Micheline Presle), a princess who is charmed by the suave chef; although he is in his 50s and she in her 20s, love is soon in the air. Read More »

  • Nana Dzhordzhadze – The Rainbowmaker (2008)

    2001-2010DramaFantasyFinlandNana Dzhordzhadze

    Datho (Merab Ninidze) has been innocent in prison for many years. When he comes home nobody wants him. His angelic wife Elene (Anna Antonowicz) has fun with a fire-eater. The two children imagined the father as a hero, not as a sorrowful knight. But everything changes when Datho can freeze his enemies in the bathtub or he calls for rain so that they remain stuck in the mud.Read More »

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