Narciso Ibáñez Serrador

  • Narciso Ibáñez Serrador – El televisor AKA The Television (1974)

    Enrique is an ordinary man, a gray man, a man who follows his routine day by day, working twelve hours a day with the sole purpose of providing the best for his family, a wife and two children. Enrique’s life changes the day he manages to fulfill his greatest ambition, that is, the purchase of a color television. From that moment the protagonist discovers a new world, a universe whose wonders Enrique had lived ignorant of throughout his life. He becomes obsessed with it in such way that eventually he is incapable to differenciate reality from fiction.Read More »

  • Narciso Ibáñez Serrador – Películas para no dormir: La culpa AKA Blame (2006)

    When the single mother nurse Gloria has financial difficulties, her colleague and friend Dr. Ana Torres invites her to move with her six year-old daughter Vicky to her old big house where she runs a gynecologic clinic. In return, Gloria would assist Ana in her clinic in the afternoons. Sooner Gloria finds that Ana dedicates to abortion in her clinic, and also that she is lesbian and has a crush on her. When Ana gets pregnant of her lover Javier, Ana proposes an abortion, and after more than three months, the reluctant Gloria accepts her offer with tragic consequences.Read More »

  • Narciso Ibáñez Serrador – La residencia AKA The House That Screamed (1969)


    Welcome to La Residencia, a borderline reform school packed with over-blossoming maidens and presided over by a whacked-out head-mistress played to the hilt by Lili Palmer. It’s true that the murder “mystery” is instantly guessable, but this is a beautifully made gothic chiller with superb performances all around. Also features great cinematography and music. The award-winning script is steeped in classical references and reveals a swirling morass of sexual and political repression. A moody, spooky masterpiece.Read More »

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