Nezahat Gündogan

Nezahat Gündogan – Hay Way Zaman AKA Unburied in the Past (2013)

This is the story of Emoş Gülver, one of hundreds of women who decided to search for their roots after seeing the 2010 documentary “İki Tutam Saç: Dersim’in Kayıp Kızları” (Two Locks of Hair: The Lost Girls of Dersim), which recounted the stories of little girls who were separated from their parents in the late 1930s during a state intervention against the Dersim revolt in Tunceli. Read More »

Nezahat Gündogan – Iki tutam saç: Dersim’in kayip kizlari AKA Two Locks of Hair: The Missing Girls of Dersim (2010)


Under the pretext of “bringing civilization”, the Turkish state launched a series of violent military operations against the city of Dersim in Kurdistan between 1937-38. Thousands of people were killed and thousands more exiled. During the massacre and banishment, hundreds of girls were given to the families of high-ranking soldiers in order to be “Turkified”. Told through the story of those missing girls, this film exposes that destructive practice, only recently acknowledged. Read More »