Nicolás Echevarría

  • Nicolás Echevarría – Eco de la montaña AKA Echo of the Mountain (2014)

    2011-2020DocumentaryMexicoNicolás Echevarría

    Echo of the Mountain presents a look into the life and work of Santos de la Torre, a great Huichol artist who, like his people, lives in oblivion. Ironically, one of Santos’ murals was selected by then-President Ernesto Zedillo to represent Mexican culture in a privileged location in Paris. The artist was never paid for his work. We will follow Santos during his pilgrimage to Wirikuta, where he will ask the gods’ for permission to create a new mural. This new mural will portray the history, mythology, and religious practices of the Huichol people. We will take the audience on a journey across 385 miles of the “Peyote Route,” which is in danger of disappearing unless it receives the protection of UNESCO.
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  • Nicolás Echevarría – María Sabina, Mujer Espíritu AKA Maria Sabina, Woman of the Spirit (1978)

    1971-1980DocumentaryMexicoNicolás Echevarría

    María Sabina is a Mexican indian. She was born in 1894 according to the church records Huautla, Oaxaca.

    Huautla is inhabited by Mazatecan indians. They preserve the ancient religious ritual of eating mushrooms in nocturnal ceremonies.

    These are provided by a shaman. Shamanism has existed in Mexico since pre-Colombian times. María Sabina is a shaman. She uses mushrooms to communicate with tribal gods.

    The ethnobotanical R. Gordon Wasson knew her in 1955. She has given rise to a new discipline: ethnomycology.

    This is the only documentary on María Sabina, an intimate portrait of the world-renowned Mazatec curandera and her extensive use of Psilocybe mushrooms as a healing aid. Narrated by Maria’s biographer, Alvaro Estrada; directed by Nicolas Echevarria.Read More »

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