Nicolas Rey

  • Nicolas Rey – Les soviets plus l’électricité (2002) (DVD)

    This art-film is an imaginary documentary film about a man who sets off from Paris to Siberia in search of his father’s past: His father was a communist who had voluntarily gone from France to the Soviet Union to work on a big engineering project in Magadan. Now his adult son travels by train from Paris, through the Ukraine into the depths of Russia, in search of the values and ideas that had been so relevant to his father. The title of the film alludes to Lenin’s definition of communism: communism equals Soviets plus electricity. (Soviets are councils).Read More »

  • Nicolas Rey – Autrement, la Molussie AKA Differently, Molussia (2012)


    Based on fragments from Günther Anders’ novel The Molussian Catacomb, which was written between 1932 and 1936, Nicolas Rey’s captivating nine-part film presents allegorical stories and musings by political prisoners sitting in the pits of an imaginary fascist state called Molussia. Shown in random order whenever it is screened (there are 362,880 potential versions of the film), the film’s nine 16mm reels ruminate on capitalism, imperialism and resistance—accompanied by gritty, unsettling self-processed images of undefined landscapes. A haunting and moving meditation on brutality and control, differently, Molussia has galvanized audiences at festivals around the world.

    Since 1993 Rey has been making films that hover between photography, documentaries and the avant-garde. He is one of the founders of the Paris-based artist film lab L’Abominable. (synopsis from Northwest Film Forum)Read More »

  • Nicolas Rey – Schuss! (2005)

    A film that starts like an odd documentary on ski resorts suddenly declares its subject to be aluminum. And it’s all downhill from there, evoking in chapters the history of capitalism in the 20th century, the death of the God Progress in the valleys of the Alps and the question of the relationship between State and Industry. All’s fair in love and snow.
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  • Nicolas Rey – Autrement, la Molussie AKA Differently, Molussia (2012)

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    Autrement, la Molussie
    Voyage en Molussie, État fasciste imaginaire. Des détenus se transmettent des histoires sur le monde extérieur, comme autant de fables philosophiques racontées sur fond de paysages plus ou moins urbanisés, plus ou moins industrialisés.
    Un film en neuf chapitres basés sur des fragments du roman Die molussische Katakombe, écrit entre 1932 et 1936 par Günther Stern dit Anders (« Autrement »). Des images tournées en 16 mm avec des pellicules périmées dont le cinéaste a développé et effectué lui-même les tirages.
    Un film en neuf bobines dont la combinaison est tirée au sort par le projectionniste – parfois par Nicolas Rey lui-même – soit 362.880 possibilités différentes de le visionner. De bout en bout, un travail d’expérimentation absolue.Read More »

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