Nikoloz Sanishvili

  • Nikoloz Sanishvili – Chermeni AKA Chermen (1970)

    1961-1970AdventureArthouseGeorgiaNikoloz SanishviliUSSR

    The film’s main hero is Chermen. An illegitimate son, Chermen is striving to assert his dignity. He is opposed by Dacco, the elder of the Aldar clan, in whose village Chermen lives. Guided by mercenary motives, Dacco strikes a deal with Prince Tsarai. Together, they rob people and then divide the loot between themselves.
    By some chance, Chermen learns of the deal and informs his friends about it. At first, he thinks that no one in the Aldar village would believe him, the bastard, and that the plot would remain unexposed. But the friends accept the challenge.Read More »

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