Nikos Grammatikos

  • Nikos Grammatikos – Kleisti strofi AKA U-turn (1991)

    1991-2000CrimeDramaGreeceNikos Grammatikos

    Andreas is a car thief. The cars he steals he turns over to people with whom he has minimal relations. His only friends are a prostitute who helps him in his jobs and a fisherman with whom he once did time in jail. One day he has a chance encounter with Ismini who lures him into a dangerous game.

    U-turn was screened in the “Greek Film Noir” section of the 48th Thessaloniki International Festival.Read More »

  • Nikos Grammatikos – Apontes (1996)

    1991-2000DramaGreeceNikos Grammatikos

    The Summer of 1987. Six friends from Salamina meet in one of the island’s cafes. Then, and over the following seven years, they experience maturation as a gradual drawing-away from the paradise of their adolescent unconcern, and the emotional bonds between them slowly wither. They realize that they are no longer the center of the world and that they have been absorbed by a social system that is deadly serious. Year-in-year-out, their meetings take place less and less frequently. Every time they return to the island, they carry with them traces of different personal experiences that all the more bear the marks of modern social reality. They experience this change as a kind of decay and corruption. At the same time, their once-solid friendship inevitably fades away.Read More »

  • Nikos Grammatikos – O Vasilias AKA The King [+Extras] (2002)

    2001-2010DramaGreeceNikos Grammatikos


    Synopsis wrote:
    Trying to turn his back on a dark past, a thirty-year-old man returns to his hometown in the Peloponnese with the hope of making a fresh start. The local society treats him with hostility, but he doesn’t give up and manages to integrate into this new environment. When, however, a girl who knows about his past comes into his life, he is driven to conflict with the people around him and, in the end, to his own destruction.Read More »

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