Nikos Koundouros

  • Nikos Koundouros – Byron, i balada enos daimonismenou AKA Byron: Ballad for a Daemon (1992)

    1991-2000ArthouseDramaGreeceNikos Koundouros

    January 1824. Lord Byron arrives in Messolonghi, a seemingly unimportant, filthy and surrounded by an unhealthy lagoon small town on the western coast of Greece, in order to be proclaimed “General of the Greeks” in their revolution against the mighty Ottoman Empire. Away from his homeland, life-weary and possessed by his daemons, the great romantic comes to this besieged, depressive and defended by semi-barbarians town for his last heroic stand.Read More »

  • Nikos Koundouros – Magiki polis AKA The Magic City (1954)

    1951-1960DramaGreeceNikos Koundouros


    Early 50s. Young director Nikos Koundouros debuts with Magic City. He is a 28 year old art school graduate that has already spent time imprisoned for political reasons in the infamous “Correctional Facility for Political Dissidents” on the island of Makronisos. The script is by Margarita Limberaki, a modernist playwright living in Paris [she will also write the script for Z. Dussen’s Phaedra (1961)].

    The film takes place in Dourgouti (Δουργούτι), an impoverished area next to the centre of Athens, where slum-like immigrant housing was built during the 30s. Open sewers, laundry hanging from house to house, children playing, streets without asphalt; This outcast urban setting and the world that inhabits it has interesting parallels to Evdokia (Damianos, 1970). The area is introduced by a commentator who will never reappear in the film. His short appearance sets the scene of the drama, as in a Tragedy.Read More »

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