Nina Menkes

Nina Menkes – Queen of Diamonds (1991)

Filmed on location in Las Vegas, QUEEN revolves around the life of an alienated blackjack dealer. Starring Tinka Menkes as the intense, damaged dealer, the film was named one of the Year’s Ten Best by the Los Angeles Times and Film Comment.

“QUEEN OF DIAMONDS may become for America in the 90’s what JEANNE DIELMAN was for Europe in the 70’s—a cult classic using a rigorous visual composition to penetrate the innermost recesses of the soul.” –Berenice Reynaud Read More »

Nina Menkes – The Bloody Child (1996)


Produced, directed by Nina Menkes. A soldier’s murder of his wife prompted filmmaker Nina Menkes to imagine the events surrounding the crime in “The Bloody Child,” a nonlinear, decidedly unconventional evocation of one trauma’s ripple effects. Mesmerizing if very opaque compared with standard dramas, impressionistic feature is ideal for the most adventurous auds at festivals and specialized sites. Read More »

Nina Menkes – Hitparkut aka Dissolution (2010)


Loosely inspired by Dostoevsky’s CRIME AND PUNISHMENT, ‘DISSOLUTION’ combines an almost surreal fairy-tale energy with brutal black and white realism to explore the condition of violence which permeates contemporary Israeli society. Shot in Jaffa-the predominantly Arab area of Tel Aviv- the movie follows the moral collapse and first glimmer of redemption of a young Israeli Jew, played brilliantly by non-actor, Didi Fire. This is a deeply personal work about one man’s inner journey, but can also be read as an allegory about Israel’s moral responsibility…as well as a portrayal of male violence towards a devalued feminine. Read More »

Nina Menkes – Magdalena Viraga (1987)

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Story of A Red Sea Crossing. Shot in the bars and seedy hotels of East LA, this film is about the inner life of a prostitute imprisoned for killing her pimp. Winner of the Los Angeles Film Critics Association award for “Best Independent/Experimental Film of the Year”, MAGDALENA was featured in the Whitney Museum of American Art’s Biennial as well as in over 40 other film festivals worldwide. Tinka Menkes brilliantly portrays the emotionally frozen prostitute on a circular inner journey, as she battles at the walls which surround her—both material and psychic. “I have not been so moved since watching Tarkovsky; a uniquely compelling intellectual and visual experience.”—Radio France Culture. Produced with support from a Jacob Javitz National Graduate Fellowship. Read More »