Nobuo Nakagawa

Nobuo Nakagawa – Kenpei to yûrei AKA M.P. and the Ghost AKA Ghost In the Regiment (1958)

Desiring another officer’s new wife, a military police lieutenant fabricates evidence of treason that consigns the innocent man to torture and a firing squad. The lieutenant rapes the wife, but is haunted by bad dreams which after he is assigned to a battalion with the victim’s brother Read More »

Nobuo Nakagawa – Kaidan: Ikiteiru Koheiji AKA The Living Koheiji (1982)

Set in Edo period. Koheiji, an actor, and Takuro, a musician, and his wife, Ochika, grew up together and are traveling performers. Koheiji’s obsession for his friend’s wife grows until he finally demands that Takuro give up Ochika so that Koheiji might have her. Incensed, Takuro beats up Koheiji, believing that he murdered him. Then Koheiji begins to haunt Takuro and Ochika. The film is inspired by a novel based on an Edo-period play that features the ghost of an actor. This is the last film made by NAKAGAWA Nobuo, master of such films as The Ghost Story of Yotsuya and Hell. Read More »

Nobuo Nakagawa – Onna shikeishû no datsugoku AKA Death Row Woman (1960)



A Hitchcockian narrative and noirish atmosphere characterise this effective, taut thriller, made the same year as the director’s magnum opus, JIGOKU (Hell). Set in the present day, DEATH ROW WOMAN is at once a prison film, an innocent-man/woman-on-the-run story, a police procedural, and a family melodrama, that is equal parts Hitchcock, Samuel Fuller and Douglas Sirk. Read More »