Noël Mitrani

  • Noël Mitrani – Sur La Trace d’Igor Rizzi AKA On the Trail of Igor Rizzi (2006)

    Drama2001-2010ArthouseCanadaNoël Mitrani


    BRENDAN KELLY, The Gazette, Published: Monday, January 15 2007 wrote:
    In film and life, all roads lead to Montreal.
    Filmmaker Noel Mitrani returned to his place of birth and found home; French actor Laurent Lucas – and the character he portrays in Sur la Trace d’Igor Rizzi – followed their hearts

    Sur la trace d’Igor Rizzi, the remarkable first feature from Montreal-based filmmaker Noel Mitrani, is a poetic look at a former French soccer star living in self-imposed exile in snow-covered Montreal. So it’s only appropriate that the film, which opens this Friday, is the result of a collaboration between two guys who, like the film’s anti-hero, made the decision to abandon France and come live here in Quebec.Read More »

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