Norman Taurog

  • Norman Taurog – Presenting Lily Mars (1943)

    1941-1950ComedyMusicalNorman TaurogUSA

    Judy Garland is at the peak of her charm and appeal as Lily Mars. The 19-year-old aspiring actress has great hopes for the future but can’t catch a break, even when a Broadway producer (Van Heflin) returns to her small Indiana town for a family visit. Undeterred, she follows him to New York. She earns a small part, and a romance is sparked, but when the leading role unexpectedly opens up, will Lily be ready?Read More »

  • Norman Taurog – The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (1938)

    1931-1940AdventureClassicsNorman TaurogUSA

    In the 1850s, Tom Sawyer (Tommy Kelly), a troublemaking orphan, lives with his controlling Aunt Polly (May Robson) in the small town of St. Petersburg. Tom spends his days skipping school, charming adults and wandering along the Mississippi River with his best friends, Huckleberry Finn (Jackie Moran) and Becky Thatcher (Ann Gillis). But when Tom and Huck take an oath of silence after witnessing a murder, their innocent adventures become matters of life and death.Read More »

  • Norman Taurog – It Happened at the World’s Fair (1963)

    1961-1970ComedyMusicalNorman TaurogUSA

    Mike and Danny fly a crop duster, but because of Danny’s gambling debts, a local sheriff seizes it. Trying to earn money, they hitch-hike to the World’s Fair in Seattle. While Danny tries to earn money playing poker, Mike takes care of a small girl, Sue-Lin, whose Uncle Walter has disappeared. Being a ladies’ man, he also finds the time to court a young nurse, Diane.Read More »

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