• Per Blom – Mors hus AKA His Mother’s House (1974)

    1971-1980DramaEroticaNorwayPer Blom

    From IMDB:
    After breaking up from his studies Petter and his fiancee, he comes back to his home town and mother. Mother takes him in with great enthusiasm, because she wants him all to herself – in all ways.Read More »

  • Hallvar Witzø – Alle hater Johan AKA Everybody Hates Johan (2022)

    2021-2030ComedyHallvar WitzøNorway

    Everybody Hates Johan is a comedy about Johan Grande’s adventurous life, and his long-lasting battle to win over the love of his life, Solvor, who he accidentally blew up a bit in his teens.Read More »

  • Hans Petter Moland – Ut og stjæle hester AKA Out Stealing Horses (2019)

    2011-2020DramaHans Petter MolandMysteryNorway

    November 1999. 67-year-old Trond lives in new-found solitude and looks forward to spending New Year’s Eve 2000 alone. As winter arrives he discovers he has a neighbor, a man Trond knew back in 1948, the summer he turned 15 and the summer Trond’s father prepared him to carry the burden of his forthcoming betrayal and disappearance.Read More »

  • Kristoffer Borgli – Syk pike AKA Sick of Myself (2022)

    2021-2030ComedyDramaKristoffer BorgliNorway

    Increasingly overshadowed by her boyfriend’s recent rise to fame as a contemporary artist creating sculptures from stolen furniture, Signe hatches a vicious plan to reclaim her rightfully deserved attention within the milieu of Oslo’s cultural elite.Read More »

  • Magnus Meyer Arnesen – Når jeg faller AKA As I Fall (2018)

    2011-2020DramaMagnus Meyer ArnesenNorway

    As I Fall follows the unconventional relationship between a father and son as they cling to one another under the looming threat of addiction and separation. Joachim is 25 years old. His charming smile veils the daily battle he fights within himself as he struggles to manage a heroin addiction. He smokes everyday and tries to quit almost every other. He hates the drug and the control it has over him, but it removes his pain. His loneliness. After years locked in a cycle of abuse, Joachim is on the verge of a breakdown. He gets an unexpected call from his ex-girlfriend, Maria…Read More »

  • Anja Breien – Forfølgelsen AKA The Witch Hunt (1981)

    1981-1990Anja BreienDramaNorway

    Having gone through many personal struggles, Eli (Lil Terselius) returns to her native village and begins to work on the farm of Ingeborg Eriksdotter (Anita Bjork), eventually tending a plot that once belonged to her family. But Eli has been gone a long time, and the opaque villagers see her as an outsider — she is suspicious from the start. The year is 1625, and stories of witches conjuring up evil are a part of the daily culture. Eli unwittingly makes matters worse for herself when she is able to cure the sick with herbs, and when she begins an affair with Aslak (Bjoern Skagestad) a farmhand — clearly she must have cast a spell on him. This all adds up to a witch hunt with a ready-made “witch.” Eli, in the end, is officially accused of witchcraft by a devious bailiff, while Ingeborg makes every attempt to save her, and Aslak himself does not survive the stress — hardly a good omen for the outcome of the trial.Read More »

  • Michael Forlong – Shetlandsgjengen AKA Suicide Mission (1954)

    1951-1960DramaMichael ForlongNorwayWar

    “Shetlandsgjengen”, which translates as “the Shetland-gang”, relates the true story of the illegal traffic across the North Sea from German occupied Norway to Shetland during World War II. A small group of Norwegian sailors loosely connected to the British navy take refugees from Norway to Shetland in small fishing-boats, equipped only with low-caliber weapons to protect themselves from German airplanes and patrol-boats. The film is closely based on real events, and many of the members of the gang, including the leader, called “Shetlands-Larsen” play themselves.Read More »

  • Arild Andresen – Kompani Orheim (2012)

    2011-2020Arild AndresenDramaNorway

    Jarle is 24 when a phone call rouses him from his drunken sleep. It is his mother, telling him that his father is dead. Instead of sadness, Jarle is filled with anger and a sense of relief. It forces his mind back to something he’d rather forgotten – his childhood at the orphanage in Stavanger. When “Orheim” was his surname; – set in 1980s Stavanger, this coming-of-age drama tells of Jarle’s conflicts with his alcoholic father Terje, who sees himself as the family’s “company commander”, a position which he simultaneously sabotages with his bouts of violence; and of the consolation that Jarle seeks in pop music and political commitments – and in the girls that cross his path. The Orheim Company” sensitively and compassionately depicts a conflict in generations in the shape of a boy growing up with an alcoholic father, but also an energetic story about teenage lust, pain and passion – about liberation and redemption; that many members of the cinema audience can relate to.Read More »

  • Edith Carlmar – Ung frue forsvunnet AKA A Young Woman Missing (1953)

    1951-1960DramaEdith CarlmarMysteryNorway

    ‘The film “Ung frue forsvunnet” by acclaimed female Norwegian film maker Edith Calmar starts off this story in 1949 with a husband come home from a mountain trip, finding his young wife for two years, being traceless missing. She’s been gone for days, and the police is immediately contacted. A couple living on boat finds the woman’s hat floating, and it seem she’s dead either by being killed or falling into the river.
    The manuscript is quite well done, and the story unfolds as the husband tells about his life with his wife, from meeting her casually. There’s a secret she’s never told him, because he didn’t want to hear it. This secret obviously is the reason for her disappearance.’
    – OJT (IMDb)Read More »

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