Ognjen Glavonic

  • Ognjen Glavonic – Teret AKA The Load (2018)

    2011-2020DramaOgnjen GlavonicSerbia

    Vlada works as a truck driver during the NATO bombing of Serbia in 1999. Tasked with transporting a mysterious load from Kosovo to Belgrade, he drives through unfamiliar territory, surrounded by the consequences of the war. When his job is over, Vlada needs to return home and face the consequences of his actions.Read More »

  • Ognjen Glavonic – Dubina dva AKA Depth Two (2016)

    2011-2020DocumentaryOgnjen GlavonicSerbiaWar

    In 2001, a mass grave was discovered in a suburb of Belgrade. Soon, more were to be found. DEPTH TWO investigates the hidden story behind these horrid discoveries, and takes us back to 1999 and the atrocities committed in Kosovo.

    Using the verbal testimonies of perpetrators and victims, DEPTH TWO unfolds like a hypnotic thriller that follows the trail of this untold massacre, in an attempt to uncover and give a voice to stories that are still intentionally buried in silence.Read More »

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