Oksana Kazmina

Oksana Kazmina – The Secret, the Girl and the Boy (2018)

The Girl and the Boy play in a garden. They are left alone there and they do not have any obligations to behave in a certain way. This gives them the freedom to create their own ways of interaction with the world. During such an interaction, adult social constructs inter-twist into weird children folklore and shift into an abstract sphere. There are secrets and various modes of being in the world of the Girl and the Boy.
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Oksana Kazmina – Zarosli AKA Vines (2017)

Very brief description: Feminist porn with mirrors.
The mirror stage is a phenomenon to which I assign a twofold value. In the first place, it has historical value as it marks a decisive turning-point in the mental development of the child. In the second place, it typifies an essential libidinal relationship with the body image. (Lacan, Some reflections on the Ego, 1953) Read More »