Olivier Assayas

  • Olivier Assayas – Noise (2006)

    Abstract documentary account of the 2005 Festival Art Rock in Saint-Brieuc, France, featuring performances by Sonic Youth, Metric and others.

    Performances by:
    MIRROR/DASH (kim gordon – thurston moore)
    TEXT OF LIGHT (lee ranaldo – steve shelley)
    WHITE TAHINA (joanna preiss – vincent epplay)
    JIM O’ROURKERead More »

  • Olivier Assayas – Après mai AKA Something in the Air (2012)

    In the months after the heady weeks of May ’68, a group of young Europeans search for a way to continue the revolution believed to be just beginning.Read More »

  • Olivier Assayas – Une nouvelle vie AKA A New Life (1993)

    Tina is a young warehousewoman in a supermarket. She is in love with Fred but still lives at her mother Nadine’s. When Nadine dies, Tina looks for meeting her father Ludovic, who she never knew. But she first meets her half-sister Lise, and Constantin, the unusual Ludovic’s lawyer.Read More »

  • Olivier Assayas – Wasp Network (2019)

    Based on a true and gripping story: Cuban spies infiltrate exile groups in the 1990s to stop terrorism against the island, but at a high personal cost.Read More »

  • Olivier Assayas – Fin août, début septembre AKA Late August, Early September (1998)

    Olivier Assayas directed this French drama, examining several relationships over a year’s span, capturing varying textures and shades of feeling between people from late August of one year until early September of the next. Gabriel (Mathieu Amalric) and Jenny (Jeanne Balibar) separate, despite the affection that still binds them. A new love develops between Gabriel and young designer Anne (Virginie Ledoyen) as they overcome their fears and uncertainties.Read More »

  • Olivier Assayas – Demonlover [Director’s Cut] (2002)

    Twenty years after David Cronenberg prophesised the dark side of the Internet age in Videodrome, acclaimed French filmmaker Olivier Assayas (Irma Vep) updated it for the New Millennium in his startlingly prescient Demonlover, a chilling exploration of the nexus between sex and violence available at the click of a button.Read More »

  • Olivier Assayas – Paris s’éveille (1991)

    An ARTE chanell broadcast. Film quality is very good though. This is one of the first films by Assayas, featuring the great Jean Pierre Leaud. Enjoy.

    The story: Nineteen-year-old Adrien comes back to his father’s flat to live; the two haven’t seen each other in three years. Clement has a teenage girl living with him who is using heroin. Louise, the girl, at first rejects Adrien, then later falls in love with him. An unstable situation becomes worse as we learn that Adrien is sought by the police for theft.Read More »

  • Olivier Assayas – Boarding Gate (2007)


    Assayas has a fondness for casting striking leading ladies, such as Maggie Cheung (IRMA VEP, CLEAN) and Connie Nielsen (DEMONLOVER), and Argento’s role in BOARDING GATE fits neatly alongside these in the director’s oeuvre. The early, dialogue-heavy scenes give Argento and Madsen plenty of time to establish their tawdry relationship, but when Assayas transports the action to Hong Kong, the movie takes a different turn as the director sets up some nerve-jarring chase sequences. The director infuses the movie with all his usual visual flair–the shaky, hand-held camera work and dimly lit sets perfectly reflect the seedy nature of Assayas’s subject matter–but BOARDING GATE will mostly be remembered for Argento’ s supremely confident performance.Read More »

  • Olivier Assayas – L’Eau Froide AKA Cold Water (1994)


    Gilles and Christine a boy and a girl live in the outskirts of Paris, their families are ineffective and distant and they lead a purposeless life. They steal some records in a supermarket but she is caught and sent to a nursing home by force by her parents. She escapes and follows Gilles to a house where some other youths live. They then decide to go south: Christine has been told there is a commune there, where artists live. So they head south sleeping rough…Read More »

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