Olivier Mosset

  • Olivier Mosset – Un film porno (1968)

    1961-1970ArthouseExperimentalFranceOlivier MossetThe Films of May '68


    “This film isn’t listed in the official corpus of Oliver Mosset’s pictorial works, doesn’t appear in the (now historicized) filmography of the Zanzibar group (created one night in May 1968), but is related to Mosset’s photographical oeuvre, a process of random production emancipated from the subject and from representation. Film Porno is only a sequence taken from history, an abstract moment dealing with reality and chance.”
    “After having spent a year in Warhol’s Factory, painter Olivier Mosset returned to Paris with an appetite for film and began hosting Super 8 nights in his apartment. UN FILM PORNO is a miniature sample.”Read More »

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