Olivier Zabat

Olivier Zabat – Arguments (2019)

Ron Coleman and his wife Karen Taylor welcome in their home people from all over Europe. Their guests hear invasive voices commenting on their thoughts and their daily actions. Together, they discuss the impact these voices have on their lives and social identities, leading each one of them to confront their voices. This introduces an in-depth discussion about the world and how human beings function. In scenes ranging from a family reunion to a conference attended by students, the film does not consider “insanity” in terms of a disconnection from reality but in terms of an awareness of reality. It is an account of an intimate hubbub, one which is inaudible to us, but which echoes all our hidden sufferings. Read More »

Olivier Zabat – 1/3 des yeux (2004)

1/3 des yeux / 1/3 of the eyes
Olivier Zabat / France / 2004 / 70 min

Communicating despite misunderstanding, caressing violence and sometimes being bitten, trying to control death and surviving in the face of irreparable loss, 1/3 of the eyes is a poetic documentary on the contradictory forces present in our society and in all beings human. The different chapters are articulated according to an innovative form which calls for the rigor of the cinematographic essay. 1/3 of the eyes is a sensitive fable which invites the spectator to share a feeling of empathy towards the world. Read More »