Otto Preminger

  • Otto Preminger – Die Jungfrau auf dem Dach AKA The Virgin on the Roof (1953)

    1951-1960ComedyOtto PremingerUSA

    “Die Jungfrau auf dem Dach” (English translation: “The Virgin on the Roof”) is a comedy film produced and directed by Otto Preminger. The screenplay by Carl Zuckmayer is a German language translation of the script for “The Moon is Blue” by F. Hugh Herbert, based on his 1951 play.
    A comedy of manners, the film centers on virtuous actress Patty O’Neill, who meets playboy architect Donald Gresham on the observation deck of the Empire State Building and accepts his invitation to join him for drinks and dinner in his apartment. There she meets Donald’s upstairs neighbors, his ex-fiancée Cynthia and her father, roguish David Slader.Read More »

  • Otto Preminger & Rouben Mamoulian – Porgy and Bess (1959)

    Drama1951-1960MusicalOtto PremingerUSA

    A woman whose past is scorned by nearly everyone around her meets a man who’d love her regardlessly- if only everyone else would allow them to.Read More »

  • Otto Preminger – Fallen Angel (1945)

    1941-1950250 Quintessential Film NoirsFilm NoirOtto PremingerUSA

    The huge success of Laura may have done more ill than good to Otto Preminger’s career, not only for setting expectations high early in the game, but also for forcing a “noir mystery master” image onto an artist much more interested in asking questions than in answering them. Fallen Angel, the director’s follow-up to his 1944 classic, is often predictably looked down as a lesser genre venture, yet its subtle analysis of shadowy tropes proves both a continuation and a deepening of Preminger’s use of moral ambiguity as a tool of human insight. Linda Darnell, a provocative bombshell caught behind the counter of a small-town California roadside café, is the flame around which the picture’s male moths circle, though the titular fallen angel is later revealed to be tainted drifter Dana Andrews, who comes to town and becomes quickly smitten with her. Read More »

  • Otto Preminger – Such Good Friends (1971)

    1971-1980ComedyDramaOtto PremingerUSA

    Julie Messinger has it made. She is a New York housewife whose husband, Richard, is an editor for a prominent photography magazine. They have a small circle of friends, including well-meaning, but inept Dr. Timothy Spector, photographer Cal Whiting and Cal’s live-in girlfriend Miranda. Julie’s mother spends her days getting pedicures and manicures, applying make-up and fake eye-lashes and buying expensive clothes, all the while criticizing her daughter for her looks and behavior. Read More »

  • Otto Preminger – Anatomy of a Murder (1959)

    1951-1960CrimeDramaOtto PremingerUSA

    In a murder trial, the defendant says he suffered temporary insanity after the victim raped his wife. What is the truth, and will he win his case?Read More »

  • Otto Preminger – In Harm’s Way (1965)

    Drama1961-1970Otto PremingerUSAWar


    The attack on Pearl Harbor brings war to the U.S. Navy, and cues the varied destinies of an epic-full of colorful characters. Captain Rockwell Torrey (John Wayne) has the good fortune to be out of port when the raid begins. While Commander Kimmell (Franchot Tone) takes the fall for the loss of the fleet, Torrey hangs on, and with the help of Commander Egan Powell (Burgess Meredith), a screenwriter-turned intelligence man, and friendly nurse Lieutenant Maggie Hayes (Patricia Neal), he weathers the post-Pearl career storm to become one of the key fleet commanders in the South Pacific campaign under Admiral Nimitz (Henry Fonda). Further down the chain of command, Torrey’s trusted aide Commander Paul Eddington (Kirk Douglas) falls apart after the death of his faithless wife (Barbara Bouchet), and proceeds to display erratic behavior, especially his undesired attentions to young nurse Ensign Annalee Dorne (Jill Haworth).Read More »

  • Otto Preminger – The Court-Martial of Billy Mitchell (1955)

    1951-1960ClassicsOtto PremingerUSAWar

    The true story of General Billy Mitchell, a pioneering crusader for the Army’s fledgling air corp. In spite of an impressive performance during the First World War, the commanders of America’s armed forces still think of the airplane as little more then a carnival attraction. Even after sinking an “unsinkable” captured German battleship from the air, Mitchell sees funds dry up and friends die due to poor equipment. He is court-martialed after questioning the loyalty of his superiors for allowing the air corp to deteriorate.Read More »

  • Otto Preminger – Danger – Love at Work (1937)

    1931-1940ComedyOtto PremingerRomanceScrewball ComedyUSA

    A young lawyer is unable to get the Pembertons to sign a land sale contract until their daughter falls in love with him.Read More »

  • Otto Preminger – Advise & Consent (1962)

    1961-1970DramaOtto PremingerPoliticsQueer Cinema(s)USA

    The setting is familiar. A Senate subcommittee meets to confirm the President’s controversial nominee for Secretary of State. A TV camera rolls. And the wolf is at the door…Read More »

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