Oxide Chun Pang

  • Oxide Chun Pang – Mon seung AKA Diary (2006)

    2001-2010Hong KongHorrorOxide Chun PangThriller

    Winnie Leung is a lonely woman that likes to make puppets and write her diary, and she misses her boy-friend Seth Lau, who left her after breaking up their relationship. Winnie leaves messages in his mail box and unsuccessfully tries to contact him in his job. When she meets Ray Fan, she tells him that his resemblance with Seth is amazing. Ray moves to her place and when Winnie’s next door snoopy neighbors calls the police because of the smell in her apartment, a dark secret is disclosed in her diary.Read More »

  • Oxide Chun Pang – Ta fa likit AKA Who Is Running? (1998)

    Oxide Chun Pang1991-2000ThailandThriller

    Everything seems to be going well for Jiab and Wan, a young couple looking forward to their impending marriage. All that changes, however, when Wan is struck by a car and is brought to the hospital near death. When Jiab goes to a temple to pray, a mysterious monk tells him that in her past life, Wan murdered five people, and now is fated to die early in this life. To undo her bad karma and save her life, Jiab must even the balance by preventing five other people from being killed. The clock is now ticking, and Wan’s life is slipping away…Read More »

  • Oxide Chun Pang – Som and Bank: Bangkok for Sale AKA One Take Only (2001)

    2001-2010CrimeDramaOxide Chun PangThailand

    Mak, a street urchin in Bangkok, dreams of being a tough gangster. He earns some money as a drugs runner. One day he meets a young prostitute, who turns out to live nearby and they fall in love. After he has delivered a large batch of drugs to a rich man on the other side of town, they can suddenly afford new clothes, luxury mobile phones and expensive sunglasses. Made reckless, Mak and his partners use the girl for an even bigger delivery to the same rich man. But then everything goes terribly wrong…Read More »

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