Paddy Breathnach

  • Paddy Breathnach – Shrooms (2007)

    Paddy Breathnach2001-2010ComedyHorrorIreland

    A group of friends are stalked and murdered whilst looking for psilocybin mushrooms in the Irish woods.

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    ★½ Watched by 22 Apr 2019

    “Advice is like mushrooms, the wrong one kind can prove fatal.” -Charles E. McKenzie (NIF),

    Whoever made this poster is super proud. I need to stop by Spencer’s gifts to buy the fuzzy blacklight version.

    Six pretty people take a drug tourism trip to Ireland in order to get mushrooms. Uh oh….a super dangrous mushroom that looks like the good mushrooms is also in the woods… strobe light style horror ensues. Parts of the film look really cool so I don’t want to write this off completely. There is work put into the visual effects that is enjoyable and the acting is better than the script. However, an 84 minutes movie with this concept I shouldn’t be pausing regularly to see how much time is left and I was constantly pausing. The script is VERY boring and by the end you don’t really care. Not a recommend.Read More »

  • Paddy Breathnach – Viva (2015)

    2011-2020DramaIrelandPaddy BreathnachQueer Cinema(s)


    Jesus an eighteen year old Cuban is lost and struggling to realize his true identity. Unsure of himself or his future direction, he works at a local Havana drag club where he entertains dreams of becoming a performer whilst earning his money through hustling. At home he finds solace listening to the records his mother and grandmother left him, (all torch songs and romance by the great names of Latin music), or else hanging around watching the boxers train next-door. Into his life, however, comes a force to challenge his direction and freedom, his long lost father, a celebrated boxer, released from a 15 year prison term having killed someone in a street brawl when Jesus was a child.

    As father and son clash over their opposing expectations of each other, Viva becomes a love story as the men struggle to understand one another and become a family again.Read More »

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