• Paz Encina – EAMI (2022)

    Eami’s homeland is invaded by settlers. Embodying Asojá, the bird-god-woman, she falls into trance in which she walks slowly and stunned through her beloved forest as she prepares to leave it forever.Read More »

  • Federico Adorno – Boreal (2022)

    Benjamín is finding it hard to adapt to his job and starts behaving erratically—he anxiously awaits the return of the Mennonite leader, but the wait is long. When he finally appears, he says that they must stay on for longer to continue putting up the wire fencing, but Benjamín objects.Read More »

  • Pablo Lamar – La última tierra AKA The Last Land (2016)

    On an isolated hilltop, an elderly couple lives in solitude. She is dying and he accompanies her through the passing. Her death transforms the days that follow.Read More »

  • Paz Encina – Hamaca paraguaya AKA Paraguayan Hammock (2006)

    Set in 1935, a couple of aged smallholders are waiting for their son, for rain, for better days.

    Paz Encina was born in Asunción, Paraguay and earned her M.A. from the Universidad del Cine in Buenos Aires. She has directed several award-winning short films, including La Siesta (97), Los Encantos del Jazmín (98) and Supe que Estabas Triste (01). Hamaca Paraguaya (06) is her feature directorial debut. She has won FIPRESCI Prize At Cannes Film Festival In 2006 for this film.Read More »

  • Luis Zorraquin – Guaraní (2016)

    Atilio lives with his granddaughter Iara. His great desire is to have a grandson to transmit the Guarani culture. When he discovers that Iara’s mother, Helena, is pregnant, he decides to go to a long journey and cross borders, with the aim to convince Helena to give birth in the Guarani land… The long journey will make Atilio and Iara understand the real meaning of traditions and family bonds.Read More »

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