Pasquale Festa Campanile

  • Pasquale Festa Campanile – Bingo Bongo (1982)

    A monkey like man found in the jungles of Congo is brought to Milan, Italy and is called Bingo Bongo. Only Laura, an anthropologist, believes in his human qualities.Read More »

  • Pasquale Festa Campanile & Massimo Franciosa – Le voci bianche (1964)

    Set in the 17th century, Le voci bianche tells the story of a young Roman youth,
    Meo (Paolo Ferrari), who embarks on a career as “castrato,” although he manages to
    escape the mandatory castration. As a “castrati” he comes into contact with the upper
    classes of his time, and becomes a kind of casanova with the often bored and sex
    starved wives of the rich and wealthy. For an early directorial effort, this is a
    very handsome production with an impressive cast.Read More »

  • Pasquale Festa Campanile – Cara sposa AKA Sweetheart (1977)

    Alfredo, jailed for theft and fraud, after having served the sentence discovers that his wife Adelina no longer wishes to live with him.

    For fans of Agostina Belli.Read More »

  • Pasquale Festa Campanile – La ragazza di Trieste AKA The Girl from Trieste (1982)


    Dino Romani (Ben Gazzara) is an American cartoonist who sees a beautiful woman named Nicole (Ornella Muti) being saved from drowning while he draws on the beach. He offers her a blanket, beginning a strange relationship with the disturbed Nicole, who strips for bellboys, exposes herself to passing tourists, hallucinates insects in her bathroom, and receives a severous treatment in a mental institution.Read More »

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