Patrick Keiller

  • Patrick Keiller – Norwood (1983)

    1981-1990DocumentaryPatrick KeillerShort FilmUnited Kingdom

    “Norwood (1983) continued the ‘story’ of Stonebridge Park and the technique, in another London suburb. Short films of increasing technical sophistication climaxed in 1989 with The Clouds, a further topographical exploration combining another anxious fictional commentary with imagery derived from a journey across the north of England from Jodrell Bank to Whitby.” Geoff Brown and Bryony Dixon,
    “Imbued with loss on the edge of despair, Norwood’s cultural pessimism is fitting for these fag-end times.” – Michael O’Pray.
    “… wry, funny and surreal. A wonderful film.: – Jo, Comino, City Limits.Read More »

  • Patrick Keiller – Stonebridge Park (1981)

    1981-1990DocumentaryPatrick KeillerShort FilmUnited Kingdom

    “Stonebridge Park was visually inspired by a railway bridge in an outer London suburb. Images from a hand-held camera are accompanied by a voice-over commentary presenting the thoughts of a petty criminal panicked by the consequences of robbing his former employer.” Geoff Brown and Bryony Dixon, “In these films, fictional voice-over narration is added to documentary footage of landscape and townscape. The narratives were written after the pictures were shot and edited.” – P.K. “…seeking flowers of evil, not on the rain-spattered pavements of Montparnasse, but somewhere along the Harrow Road.” – Sheila Johnston, Time Out. “…a riveting combination of formal-concrete cinema and glassy eyed schizo realism.” – Raymond Durgnat.Read More »

  • Patrick Keiller – London (1994)

    1991-2000DocumentaryPatrick KeillerUnited Kingdom

    An inspiring tale through London by pictures narrated by Paul Scofield.

    NY Times wrote:
    The city of London is not a hospitable-looking place in Patrick Keiller’s exceedingly arch cinematic meditation on England’s largest city. Filmed during Prime Minister John Major’s 1992 re-election campaign, “London” examines a metropolis whose stately old architecture is increasingly dwarfed by hideous post-modern skyscrapers and mocked by garish billboards.Read More »

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