Paul Almond

  • Paul Almond – Journey (1972)

    1971-1980CanadaDramaPaul Almond

    A woman with a troubled past is saved from drowning in a river and brought to a strange community hidden in the woods.

    Found drifting down the Saguenay River, half-drowned and clinging to a log, a woman is rescued by Boulder, who carries her to Undersky, his commune in the Quebec wilderness. Named after the river from which she was saved, Saguenay is haunted by memories of her past and remains unresponsive for days, drifting in and out of consciousness. She gradually becomes aware of the life going on around her and begins to explore it. But she senses she has brought ill fortune to this community and fears something in her past has doomed her and all who know her.Read More »

  • Paul Almond – Isabel (1968)

    1961-1970CanadaClassicsDramaPaul Almond

    A woman believes she is beginning to lose her mind when she begins seeing ghosts and spirits.

    As a comment on religious repression, familial ostracism, and subliminal incestuous urges, this film might have some value.Read More »

  • Paul Almond – Act of the Heart (1970)

    1961-1970CanadaDramaPaul AlmondRomance

    Martha Hayes, a woman fanatically devoted to Jesus Christ, ekes out a meager existence in Montreal, Canada. As a singer in an Anglican Church choir, Martha meets and is fascinated by Father Michael Ferrier, an Augustinian monk who’s the guest conductor for an interfaith concert. How far is Martha willing to go to show her devotion to God?Read More »

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