Paul Martin

  • Paul Martin – Glückskinder AKA Lucky Kids (1936)

    1931-1940ComedyGermanyMusicalPaul MartinThird Reich Cinema

    Glueckskinder (Children of Fortune) serves as yet another sprightly vehicle for European film favorites Lilian Harvey and Willy Fritsch. Unlike the stars’ previous musical concoctions, this one takes place in New York City (or a reasonable facsimile constructed on the UFA back lot). To save Ann Garden (Harvey) from going to jail, reporter Gil Taylor (Fritsch) pretends to be married to her. Gallantly, he hides her identity from his own newspaper’s society columnist, and gets fired as a result. The rest of the picture finds Ann and Gil trying to “play house” without such niceties as a steady income. Near the end, the story goes off on a new tangent when it is suspected that Ann is the long-lost niece of a millionaire; she isn’t, but Gil’s coverage of the story gets him his job back, and everyone lives (presumably) happily ever after.Read More »

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