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  • Paul Verhoeven – Wat zien ik AKA Business Is Business (1971)

    Paul Verhoeven1971-1980ComedyNetherlands
    Wat zien ik (1971)
    Wat zien ik (1971)

    Blonde Greet is an experienced and kindhearted prostitute in the red-light district of Amsterdam. Her friend Nel, another whore, lives on the second floor of her house and is exploited and abused by her pimp. When Greet meets the married Piet, they feel a great attraction to each other. Nel decides to find a husband and quit being a whore. Her life ends up changing; Greet’s doesn’t.Read More »

  • Paul Verhoeven – Keetje Tippel AKA Katie Tippel (1975)

    Drama1971-1980NetherlandsPaul Verhoeven

    The young girl Keetje moves to Amsterdam in 1881 with her impoverished family, and is led into prostitution in order to survive. In the process she sees the corrupting influence of money.Read More »

  • Paul Verhoeven – Benedetta (2021)

    Drama2021-2030FrancePaul Verhoeven

    Benedetta is a 2021 biographical drama film directed and co-written by Paul Verhoeven, starring Virginie Efira as Benedetta Carlini, a novice nun in the 17th century who joins an Italian convent and has a lesbian love affair with another nun.
    The film is loosely based on the 1986 non-fiction book Immodest Acts: The Life of a Lesbian Nun in Renaissance Italy by Judith C. Brown.
    The events of the movie occur during the 17th century. The main character is Benedetta Carlini, who is an Italian nun in the abbey of a convent in Tuscany. She was considered to be mystical and venerated by her religious entourage, and finally arrested and judged for sapphism.Read More »

  • Paul Verhoeven – Voorbij, voorbij AKA All Things Pass (1981)

    1981-1990DramaNetherlandsPaul VerhoevenTV

    *** contain spoilers ***
    During World War II in the Netherlands, resistance leader Arie is shot by Dutch SS man Niels. Arie’s comrades swear they’ll avenge his death.
    35 years later one of them, Ab, is confronted with Niels again. He decides to round up his old friends to kill him.
    However, they don’t want to do it or they’re not capable of doing it anymore. Only former communist Wout hasn’t forgotten his pledge and takes part in the execution.Read More »

  • Paul Verhoeven – Turks fruit aka Turkish Delight (1973)

    1971-1980ArthouseDramaNetherlandsPaul Verhoeven

    Named the Best Dutch Film of the Century by the Netherlands Film Festival, Verhoeven’s hugely successful, Academy Award–nominated sophomore feature opens with a giallo-style jolt, develops into a kinky, blackly comic sexploitation romp, and finally blossoms into an alternately sweet and perverse romance. In the first of his many collaborations with Verhoeven, Rutger Hauer stars as a temperamental sculptor who hitches a ride with a free-spirited young woman (Monique van de Ven). In short order they hook up on the side of the road, get married, and settle into a life of round-the-clock lovemaking in his art-strewn studio—but, alas, nothing lasts forever.Read More »

  • Paul Verhoeven – Soldaat van Oranje AKA Soldier of Orange (1977)

    1971-1980DramaNetherlandsPaul VerhoevenWar

    1938. A small group of Dutch students stop their tennis game momentarily to hear of England’s entry into World War II. Erik and his friends don’t show much concern at first. But when Queen Wilhelmina flees Holland for London and the Germans move in, it becomes necessary to choose sides.

    Soldier of Orange, directed by Paul Verhoeven (Turkish Delights) is based on the true life adventures of Erik Hazelhoff who received numerous decorations including Holland’s highest honor — the Militaire Willems-orde. It is interesting to see how Erik’s friends take different courses: a Jew inevitably dies once the German’s arrive; another associate joins the Nazi army; a third becomes active in the Dutch resistance movement; and a fourth betrays everyone in order to save his Jewish girlfriend.Read More »

  • Paul Verhoeven – Das kalte Herz AKA The Cold Heart (1950)

    1941-1950ClassicsFantasyGermanyPaul Verhoeven

    Peter Munk, a poor charcoal burner, lives with his mother in The Black Forest. Poverty prevents him from marrying Lisbeth, the girl he loves. When he comes across the Little Glass Man, the good spirit of the forest, the young man asks him for assistance. His wish is granted and he becomes rich. But the fool soon loses all his money after gambling at the inn. In desperation, he asks Dutch Michael, the evil spirit of the forest, to help him to become rich again. The mean giant agrees and gives Peter all the riches in the world, but on one condition: the young man will exchange his heart for a cold stone. He can now marry Lisbeth but can a heart of ice make you and the others happy…?Read More »

  • Paul Verhoeven – Showgirls (1995) (HD)

    1991-2000CultPaul VerhoevenUSA

    Nomi, a young drifter, arrives in Vegas to become a dancer. She gets a job stripping at one of the lesser joints on the strip, but soon catches the eye of talent scouts who hire the performers for a casino. She works her way into the cast, and eventually sets her sights on taking the starring role.Read More »

  • Paul Verhoeven – Een Hagedis teveel AKA A Lizzard Too Much (1960)

    1951-1960NetherlandsPaul VerhoevenShort Film

    Plot summary:
    A woman, married with an artist, starts a relationship with one of her students, who has already got a mistress of his own. The two rivals meet.Read More »

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