Paulo César Saraceni

Paulo César Saraceni – O Viajante (1998)

As if he was a comet, Rafael, the traveler, appears at the party for the town’s patron saint. He is the one who brings passion and crime, vanishing afterwards. Read More »

Paulo César Saraceni – Porto das Caixas (1963)

Irma can only think about getting rid of her cowardly dirty husband. She seeks out lovers not to commit adultery or for pleasure, but to find an accomplice to kill her husband. Read More »

Paulo César Saraceni – O Desafio AKA The Dare (1966)

Passively facing the repression imposed by military dictatorship in Brazil in the 60s, a journalist gets into a personal crisis, aggravated by his love affair with an industrialist’s wife, who doesn’t want to leave her home because of her son. Read More »

Paulo César Saraceni – A Casa Assassinada AKA The Murdered House (1971)

Newly wed arrives at her husband’s family house, in the country. The heavy atmosphere of the house frightens her, and she takes refuge in her homosexual son-in-law’s room, who is kept locked and hidden from society. A tragedy occurs, causing her departure. She’s only to return seventeen years later, and sick.
Based on the great novel “Crônica da Casa Assassinada” by Lúcio Cardoso Read More »