Payal Kapadia

  • Payal Kapadia – A Night of Knowing Nothing (2021)

    Through fictional love letters found in a cupboard at the Film and Television Institute of India, we meet L, a film student writing to her estranged lover while he is away. Gradually we’re immersed in the drastic changes taking place at the school and in the lives of young people across the country as they take to the streets to protest widespread discrimination.

    In her debut film, Payal Kapadia deftly merges reality with fiction, weaving together archival footage with student protest videos to create a vital tapestry of the personal and the political. With its dreamlike editing rhythms and a revelatory use of sound, A Night of Knowing Nothing is both an essential document of contemporary India and a nostalgic look at youth fighting the injustice of their time.Read More »

  • Payal Kapadia – And What Is The Summer Saying (2018)

    The camera sways slightly, setting in a majestic black and white on the intimate stories of a small village bordering the jungle. A mystical and poetic cinematic experience, in which one gladly gets lost in.Read More »

  • Payal Kapadia – The Last Mango Before The Monsoon (2015)

    Two technicians set up cameras in a forest to capture animal activity at night. A woman moved away from the forest a long time ago. She yearns for her late husband and the forest.Read More »

  • Payal Kapadia – Dopahar Ke Baadal AKA Afternoon Clouds (2017)

    Kaki is a 60-year-old widow who lives with her Nepali maid, Malti. The film takes place on one afternoon in their house where a flower blossoms in the balcony. Malti meets a boy (a sailor) from her hometown unexpectedly.Read More »

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