Payal Kapadia

Payal Kapadia – And What Is The Summer Saying (2018)

The camera sways slightly, setting in a majestic black and white on the intimate stories of a small village bordering the jungle. A mystical and poetic cinematic experience, in which one gladly gets lost in. Read More »

Payal Kapadia – The Last Mango Before The Monsoon (2015)

Two technicians set up cameras in a forest to capture animal activity at night. A woman moved away from the forest a long time ago. She yearns for her late husband and the forest. Read More »

Payal Kapadia – Dopahar Ke Baadal AKA Afternoon Clouds (2017)

Kaki is a 60-year-old widow who lives with her Nepali maid, Malti. The film takes place on one afternoon in their house where a flower blossoms in the balcony. Malti meets a boy (a sailor) from her hometown unexpectedly. Read More »