Niki de Saint Phalle & Peter Whitehead – Daddy (1973)

A fantasy about a woman’s attempts to exorcise the influence of her sexually domineering father.

“What began as a documentary on sculptress Niki de St. Phalle finished up as a fantasy about a woman’s attempts to exorcise the influence of her sexually domineering father. It provides an excuse for a whole ragbag of Freudian neuroses, six-foot phalluses in coffins, nubile girls in nun’s habits stripping in front of altars, masturbation, some obvious jokes, pretty photography, abysmal acting, and a commentary that reads and sounds like a Home Service children’s story for adults” (Chris Petit, Time Out) Read More »

Takashi Ito – Takashi Ito: Performances (2001-2009)

Double (2001)
A film of the interactive video installation and performance art Double/Bunshin that Ito did in collaboration with Butoh dancer Setsuko Yamada in 2001. Read More »

Janusz Majewski – Opus jazz (1963)

A rehearsal of the Andrzej Kurylewicz quintet is underway in the radio recording studio. The lineup includes: Jan Ptaszyn Wróblewski, Andrzej Dąbrowski, Wojciech Karolak, Roman Dylag. A well-arranged whole begins to emerge from the polyphony of voices and sounds. Read More »

Olivier Assayas – Noise (2006)

Abstract documentary account of the 2005 Festival Art Rock in Saint-Brieuc, France, featuring performances by Sonic Youth, Metric and others.

Performances by:
MIRROR/DASH (kim gordon – thurston moore)
TEXT OF LIGHT (lee ranaldo – steve shelley)
WHITE TAHINA (joanna preiss – vincent epplay)
JIM O’ROURKE Read More »

Jonas Mekas – The Brig (1964)

Jonas Mekas’ The Brig is a fake documentary about ten confined soldiers in a U.S. Navy ship and the three guards who beat and humiliate them. After the title of the film, “The Brig”, the next title is “March 7, 1957 – U.S. Marine Corps – Camp Fuji, Japan – 4:30” Then Mekas goes on showing the daily lives of the soldiers, which consists of beatings, degradations, unnecessary cleanings and senseless rituals. The audience is expected to constantly question the reality of what is on the screen while being moved by the illusion. Read More »

Ana Mendieta – Ana Mendieta – Selected Performance Works (1973-1981)

This used to be on vimeo for quite a while but has since vanished. From the looks of it and the credits to a curator at the end, it was probably compiled for an exhibition and taken down after it ended. There’s no official record or entry of this anywhere as this is not an official release, just an unofficial compilation. Read More »

Curt Conway – Play of the Week: John Steinbeck’s Burning Bright (1959)

Burning Bright is a 1950 novella by John Steinbeck written as an experiment with producing a play in novel format. Rather than providing only the dialogue and brief stage directions as would be expected in a play, Steinbeck fleshes out the scenes with details of both the characters and the environment. The intention was to allow the play to be read by the non-theatrical reader while still allowing the dialogue to be lifted and performed with little adaptation by acting companies. While Steinbeck could see that providing little information in the way of physical description or stage direction allowed the director and actors greater freedom and scope for imaginative interpretation, he weighed this against the benefit of making the players aware of the author’s intent and making the play accessible to the general reader. Read More »