Petar Krelja

  • Petar Krelja – Godisnja doba Zeljke, Visnje i Branke AKA The Four Seasons (1979)

    The film is an omnibus consisting of three stories – “Usvojenje”, “Ferije” and “Probni rok”. We follow fragments of the lives of young girls from a social institution for children and young adults without parents. In the first story, a wealthy young couple wants to adopt a five-year-old girl, Zeljka. The emotionally undeveloped child has a hard time adapting to her new environment. In Ferije, fifteen-year-old Visnja spends her winter holidays in a gloomy home for young delinquents, where she experiences her first romance. The heroine of the third story is nineteen-year-old Branka who, after her graduation, tries to find a job and become independent from the social institutions she has lived in her entire life. Written by nixonaRead More »

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