Peter Brosens

  • Peter Brosens & Jessica Hope Woodworth – Altiplano (2009)

    Drama2001-2010ArthouseBelgiumJessica Hope WoodworthPeter Brosens


    A mercury spill within the village of Choropampa during 2000 from a silver mine in the Andes is carried downslope to those living immediately below, producing blindness and other forms of sickness. In Altiplano the event is portrayed within a fictional Turubamba, Perú, where non-Spanish-speaking indigenous people center their lives around a Catholicism that puts much stress on the Virgin Mary. A clinic run by foreigners provides cataract operations, but none of the ophthalmologists is a general practitioner. When some die, they revolt against the only outsiders they know—the physicians, not the miners. Read More »

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