Peter Collinson

  • Peter Collinson – The Spiral Staircase (1975)

    1971-1980GialloHorrorPeter CollinsonUnited Kingdom

    Helen, who has been incapable of speech since seeing her husband die, becomes the target of a deranged serial killer targeting disabled people.

    Starring: Jacqueline Bisset, Christopher Plummer, John Phillip Law, Sam Wanamaker, Mildred Dunnock, Gayle Hunnicutt, Elaine Stritch & Christopher MalcolmRead More »

  • Peter Collinson – Straight on Till Morning (1972)

    1971-1980CultHammer FilmsPeter CollinsonThrillerUnited Kingdom

    Shy Brenda Thompson writes naive children’s stories to amuse herself. Stifled and desperate for a man of her own, she leaves Liverpool, telling her mom she’s pregnant, and gets a job in a boutique in London. She moves in with the promiscuous but good-hearted Caroline but the mod set shuns her for her plain looks. Then she kidnaps a strange young man’s dog, so as to perhaps get to know him while returning it. The young man turns out to be Peter, a psychopath with a predilection for killing beautiful things. He renames Brenda Wendy, and they start a hopeful, if strange, relationship. It might have a chance, if it weren’t for Peter’s murderous secrets.Read More »

  • Peter Collinson – The Italian Job (1969)

    1961-1970ActionCrimePeter CollinsonUnited Kingdom

    Charlie is just out of the prison when he learns about his friends’ failed attempt at carrying out a heist in Italy. Now with the Mafia close on his heels, he intends to carry out the job himself.Read More »

  • Peter Collinson – The House on Garibaldi Street (1979)

    1971-1980DramaPeter CollinsonTVUSA

    After World War II, many important figures in Hitler’s command escaped Germany and were rumored to be living in South America. Adolf Eichmann, wanted in connection with millions of deaths, is suspected to be living incognito in Argentina. Mossad, Israel’s secret intelligence organization is determined to bring Eichmann (if it is him indeed) to justice.Read More »

  • Peter Collinson – Tomorrow Never Comes (1978)

    1971-1980CanadaCrimePeter CollinsonThriller

    Coming back from an extended business trip, Frank discovers that his girlfriend Janie is now working at a new resort hotel where the owner has given her a permanent place to stay, as well as other gifts, in exchange for her affections. In the course of fighting over this development, tensions between Frank and Janie escalate out of control until he is holding her hostage in a standoff with the police. As the negotiators try to talk Frank into giving himself up, the desperate man feels himself being pushed further and further into a corner.Read More »

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