Peter Davis

  • Peter Davis – Hearts and Minds [+ Commentary] (1974)

    1971-1980DocumentaryPeter DavisPoliticsUSA

    Academy Award for Best Documentary (1975).

    “We weren’t on the wrong side. We were the wrong side.”

    A courageous and startling film, Peter Davis’s landmark documentary Hearts and Minds unflinchingly confronts the United States’ involvement in Vietnam. Using a wealth of sources—from interviews to newsreels to documentary footage of the conflict at home and abroad—Davis constructs a powerfully affecting portrait of the disastrous effects of war. Explosive, persuasive, and shocking, Hearts and Minds is an overwhelming emotional experience and the controversial winner of the Academy Award for Best Documentary.Read More »

  • Peter Davis – The Selling of the Pentagon (1971)

    1971-1980DocumentaryPeter DavisPoliticsUSA

    The Selling of the Pentagon, was an important documentary aired in primetime on CBS on 23 February 1971. The aim of this film, produced by Peter Davis, was to examine the increasing utilization and cost to the taxpayers of public relations activities by the military-industrial complex in order to shape public opinion in favor of the military…..Read More »

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