Peter Schamoni

  • Peter Schamoni – Moskau ruft! aka Moscow Is Calling! (1959)

    1951-1960DocumentaryGermanyPeter SchamoniShort Film

    12′ – West Germany 1959 – Directed and written by: Peter Schamoni – Cinematography by: Jost Vacano
    Music by: Occamstreet Footwarmers – Produced by: Schongerfilm

    A film made secretly in Moscow by Peter Schamoni during the World Festival of Youth and Students in the summer of 1957. His cameraman was Jost Vacano. During their trip, they made authentic film and audio recordings of a kind that had never been seen before in Western countries.Read More »

  • Peter Schamoni – Schonzeit für Füchse AKA No Shooting Time for Foxes (1966)

    1961-1970DramaGermanyPeter Schamoni

    ‘Two old school friends, both in their late twenties. One lives on his parent’s rural estate and does nothing; the other half-heartedly pursues work as a journalist in Düsseldorf. While he allows himself to be lulled by the stifling petty bourgeoisie of his mother-in-law to be, he also enjoys the baronial hunting parties in the country. With their indifferent attitude, the two make cynical and blasé comments about prevailing conventions – the ones they’ll never break away from… Precisely located in place via documentary images, and in time with a reference to “the new Godard” (Une femme mariée), Schonzeit für Füchse is a milieu study that recaps the end of the Adenauer era for the petty and grand bourgeoisie in the lower Rhine region. Read More »

  • Peter Schamoni – Niki De Sant Phalle (1996)

    1991-2000DocumentaryExploitationGermanyPeter Schamoni

    In the sixties the painter and sculptor Niki de Saint Phalle started her career with shooting paintings, reliefs that were fired at with paint bags. She became famous and popular for her Nanas, colorful sculptures of big and cheerful women, and for the cooperation with Jean Tinguely. The frame of this film is a tour through her tarot garden in Tuscany.Read More »

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