Petr Václav

  • Petr Václav – Cesta ven AKA The Way Out (2014)

    Cesta Ven tells a story of a young Romani couple, Zaneta and David, the parents of little Janicka. Their efforts to live a decent and dignified life run up against the “Romani social trap,” which is racism, the society’s prejudices.Read More »

  • Petr Václav – Nikdy nejsme sami AKA We Are Never Alone (2016)


    A paranoid prison guard moves into a village flanked by a state motorway. He befriends his new neighbour, an unemployed hypochondriac supported by his wife, working in the local grocery. Weary of life and caring for her two sons, she develops an attraction to the nightclub bouncer, but he is in love with the club stripper, who is in turn waiting for the father of her child to return from the same prison where our prison guard works. A story about the demons of our day.Read More »

  • Petr Václav – Marian (1996)


    Václav started his career as a director of film documentaries, first attracted critical attention with his graduation film, Paní Le Murie (Madame Le Murie, 1993) and consolidated his reputation with his first feature Marián (1996), which testified to the problems of social and racial determination and more generally also the theme of human freedom and humiliation.Read More »

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