Philippe Harel

Philippe Harel – Extension du domaine de la lutte AKA Whatever (1999)

Based on the fantastic book by Michel Houellebecq :

OUR hero in this gloriously dark piece is a depressed, cynical, sexually obsessed systems engineer moping through life perked up only by the fun he has putting others into a similarly suicidal state. When he is sent on a work trip to train up clients to use his company’s software he is forced to travel with the slimy Raphael, an unreconstruted male bursting with such sheer desperation that he is destined never to have success with the women he chases… Read More »

Philippe Harel – La femme défendue (1997)

This movie is foremost distinguished by the use of a subjective camera, and nearly 100 % of the time consists of close-up of Isabelle Carré’s face. She is capable of changing her facial mimic so much that she never looks artificial or inappropriate. 39-year-old François meets 22-year-old Muriel, who is a virgin. Several times he invites her to fine restaurants. She agrees that on a certain day they will meet at a hotel and he will see her naked. He promises not to sleep with her at that occasion… Read More »