Philippe Pollet-Villard

  • Philippe Pollet-Villard – Le Mozart des pickpockets AKA The Mozart of Pickpockets (2006)

    2001-2010ComedyFrancePhilippe Pollet-VillardShort Film

    IMDB Plot summary :
    Richard and Philippe live hand to mouth, backing up a gang of Spanish pickpockets on the streets of Paris, posing as policemen who arrest a gang member while the others rifle the pockets and purses of gawkers. When all of the gang except Richard and Philippe are pinched, things look grim. Plus, Richard insists that they take in a wide-eyed immigrant lad, a deaf-mute left behind in the arrests. Philippe suggests a three-person pickpocket trick, using the boy, but when that goes spectacularly badly, they hit rock bottom. Then, at the cinema, the lad finds a solution. It’s time to celebrate.Read More »

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