Pierre B. Reinhard

  • Pierre B. Reinhard – Le Diable Rose AKA Pink Devil (1987)

    Pierre B. Reinhard1981-1990EroticaFranceWar

    Double-agent Brigitte Lahaie is the star attraction at a strip-joint/brothel called “Le Diable Rose” in Nazi occupied France which is frequented by both Nazis and Partisans alike.Read More »

  • Pierre B. Reinhard – Dressage (1986)

    1981-1990ComedyEroticaFrancePierre B. Reinhard

    At a gathering of would-be society debauchees, the Baron Plessis de Regard and the attractive young Nathalie hatch their individual plans to use sex to respectively ruin and punish their selected enemies. The Baron’s plan is to scupper the political ambitions of right-wing parliamentary candidate Colonel Montvilliers by setting him up with a sexy female companion and publicly exposing his new-found vices. He chooses Eliane to give private classes for Montvilliers’ son, Robert. Nathalie’s quest is of a more personal nature, to destroy her estranged father Charles Leroy-Merville by corrupting his innocent 17-year-old daughter Sophie, a task she intends to achieve by securing employ as the girl’s summer tutor.Read More »

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